Madrone Culture

Madrone promotes a healthy work/life balance. We support flexible work schedules and enjoy integrating after work activities into our day-to-day lives. Our company is small enough to know every individual by name and yet big enough to carry out large-scale projects through to completion. We encourage our staff to pursue work that interests them and can provide a degree of autonomy over projects. At Madrone, there are ample opportunities to get out in the field and take advantage of new experiences.

Madrone supports continual professional development and training. Our professionals are ever evolving in this dynamic industry. Employees are encouraged to stay up to date with current science and technology by pursuing professional development through job-related courses, lectures, and events, or by seeking higher educational goals. In addition, our employees enjoy participating in local trade fairs, chamber groups, and maintain excellent business relationships throughout the industry and community. Madrone is pleased to assist employees in becoming registered with their respective professional associations and can provide the necessary support to obtain professional licensing.


Safety and Training

Safety is our top priority and Madrone’s safety policy prohibits working in unsafe conditions. To protect our clients and employees, we are fully insured for professional and general liability. We are SAFE certified by the BC Forest Safety Council and carry full WorkSafeBC coverage.



In 2010, Madrone proudly joined Climate Smart and ranked high in all categories for successfully implementing sustainable practices. Madrone’s major carbon emission source is transportation to and from work. To reduce those emissions, Madrone encourages carpooling and telecommuting.

Our efforts to reduce energy consumption and waste production include turning off lights and computers when not in use, composting and recycling, and using double-sided printing by default.