Our People


David Kim

General Manager

Tania Tripp, M.Sc., R.P.Bio./C.A.B.

Tania is a senior biologist with more than 20 years of experience in ecology and wildlife resource management.  She has extensive experience in environmental impact assessments and permitting, habitat assessments, habitat mapping, and wildlife inventory, management and monitoring for a wide variety of species, including species at risk.  Tania joined Madrone in 1996, and is presently the General Manager.

Abbotsford Branch Manager

Roberta Adams, M.Sc., P.Geo.
Technical Lead: Earth Science and Engineering

Roberta is a geologist with over 10 years of field experience across Canada and the United States. She specializes in terrain and geohazard assessments, surficial geology, and geomorphology. Roberta has worked in government and private industry as a geologist and project manager on multiple environmental and engineering projects, TEM/TEI assessments, and in the development, mining, forestry, government, and oil and gas sectors. She also consults on aggregate and hydrogeology projects.

Senior Consultants

James Richard, HBES, P.Ag
Site Contamination Lead

James is a Professional Agrologist with more than 30 years of Canada-wide experience in delivering geo-environmental consulting services to private citizen and corporate clients, First Nations, and public sector agencies. His expertise includes due diligence environmental site assessments for business and real estate, Contaminated Sites investigations and remediation, soils and groundwater assessments, Agricultural Land and geo-resource surveys. James specializes in providing navigation strategies and assessment services on land development and Agricultural Land Reserve improvement projects, where one or more municipal-provincial-federal regulatory permit applications and approvals may be required.

Laurie Kremsater, M.Sc., R.P.F., R.P.Bio. 
Forestry, Wildlife, and Ecology Lead at Abbotsford Office

Laurie is a professional forester and a professional biologist with 25 years of experience in ecology and wildlife resource management. Her work has focused on managing ecosystems as a whole and much of her focus has been on developing sustainable forest management plans that sustain biological diversity management in coastal forests of BC, but as well, she has worked, and continues to work, on specific species (forest birds, small mammals, ungulates) and specific ecological communities, including many at risk. Laurie is presently the Senior Habitat Ecologist in the Abbotsford office.

Trystan Willmott, B.Sc., A.Sc.T. Aquatic/Terrestrial Biologist.
Aquatics Lead – Fish Habitat and Riparian Assessments

Trystan is an Applied Science Technologist (Qualified Environmental Professional) with 13 years of experience in fishery and wildlife resource management throughout coastal BC. His main areas of expertise include stream classification, fish sampling, Riparian Area Regulation Assessments, watershed stream mapping, environmental monitoring and ecological assessments. Trystan is well versed in all applicable legislation with regard to fish and wildlife management and has extensive experience (and a good working relationship) with all levels of government responsible for resource management. Based on his level of experience, Trystan is also an accomplished project manager.

Anna Jeffries, B.A., ADGIS
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Lead

Anna is our GIS Coordinator with almost 10 years of experience as a GIS Analyst. With technical expertise in GIS software and related extensions, she manages GIS/mapping related projects and staff. Her proficiencies include advanced spatial analysis, on-screen 3D mapping (PurView), and the use of scripting to solve spatial questions. She has contributed to numerous local and regional scale projects across BC and the Yukon, these include, terrestrial ecosystem mapping, terrain stability mapping, habitat modeling, environmental assessments, and riparian area assessments. She provides GIS support to the diverse specialties of the Madrone staff in the form of pre-field preparation, map production, database management, and final data submission. Her skill set is always evolving to better suit project needs and changes in technology. Recently, Anna has expanded her to abilities to include project management.

Thomas R. Elliot, Ph.D, P.Geo, P.Ag
Agrologist, Hydrogeologist, and Geoscientist

Thomas first practiced environmental consulting through hydrogeomorphology and watershed restoration of agricultural lands in the Sonora Desert. Using a blend of USGS approved and traditional knowledge methods, Thomas contributed to restoration of nearly 40,000 acres within the Cochise Rio de Aqua Prieta watershed. Since this start in 2002, he has upgraded his capacity through practice and academic pursuit of environmental engineering, geoscience, hydrology and agrology. These skills were reinforced by practical application in natural resource industries and federal government experience which contributed to state-level regulatory frameworks. In 2007 Thomas started a focused investigation of contaminant transport in soil and limestone aquifers, which was funded by the Canadian national government and industrial partners. The deliverable of his investigation contributed to policy guidance on nutrient management and aquifer vulnerability assessments in Ontario. Thomas subsequently pursued a multidisciplinary approach to agriculture, hydrology and subsurface reservoir management when overseeing programs in Carbon Mitigation for Global Environmental Change under the auspices of Canadian and US government agencies as well as Canadian, US and International corporate entities.

Thomas has continued those pursuits at Madrone and further engaged with surface and subsurface hydrology, water licencing and well certification, organic matter recycling facility operational planning, leachate management for soil transfer facilities, agricultural land assessment and remediation, development and application of land use optimization models for private and First Nation interests, nutrient management, soil slope failure and erosion mitigation, terrain stability and geohazard assessment, as well as development permitting.

Kira Kristensen, B.A, RPCA
Senior Archaeologist, Project Manager

Kira is an archaeologist (BCAPA) with over 18 years of experience in cultural resource management. She is a permit holder/ field director in good standing for all areas of BC, and is well versed in the applicable legislation relating to archaeological and heritage resources.

Senior Review

Gordon Butt, M. Sc., P. Ag., P. Geo.

Gordon is a professional Geoscientist and Agrologist with more than 30 years of experience in resource inventories, environmental assessments and project management in BC and abroad. His expertise includes terrain stability mapping and hazard assessments, blowdown assessments, soil capability assessments, and soil mapping. In addition, he has extensive experience in Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM), soil erosion, and hydrology. 

Ken Hughes-Adams, M. Eng., P. Eng.

Ken is a professional engineer with more than 40 years of experience in technical, economic, and environmental assessments in the natural resource sector. He has worked throughout North America on projects in forestry, geothermal power generation, aggregate mining, and petroleum exploration, production, and processing. He has been with Madrone since 1994, providing project management and advising clients on terrain stability, erosion control, hydrology, and site restoration.