Madrone’s team of highly qualified agrologists, with expertise in soil survey, soil mapping, soil conservation, and erosion and sediment control, have worked throughout British Columbia on a wide variety of projects. Soil surveys have been conducted for soil and agricultural assessments, fill placement plans, contaminated sites investigations, and for Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM).

Our professional hydrologists and biologists complement our agrology team with their works on agricultural drainage, Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) assessments, and Species At Risk assessments. Our agricultural clients include private property owners, real estate developers, agricultural producers, and all levels of government.

Our agrology projects are diverse. We have conducted many agricultural capability assessments throughout the province, on properties ranging in size from a few hectares to a few thousand hectares. Our work provides our clients with information necessary to achieve development and/or agricultural goals while maintaining the integrity of agricultural land.

We prepare fill placement plans that meet the criteria specified in local government bylaws and the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) requirements. Fill placement plans assess agricultural capability based on site-specific soil surveys to determine if proposed fill placement will improve soil conditions and increase agricultural capability.

We can provide Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) plans along with Best Management Practices (BMPs) to ensure projects reduce the potential for sedimentation in watercourses and sensitive riparian areas.

We assist our clients to reclaim degraded sites and to return degraded agricultural lands to agricultural uses. We apply our expertise to determine the appropriate actions to reclaim the soil for the desired end land use.

Drainage assessments are often conducted to evaluate runoff and ponding issues. We prepare drainage management plans to improve drainage on agricultural land while preventing downstream flooding and protecting the integrity of riparian areas. We can determine how agricultural work will affect local hydrology and can make the appropriate recommendations.

Madrone also provides organic waste management consulting services for governmental agencies, farmers, and private companies. With a long hands-on experience in the composting and biogas industry, we are available to assist you in all stages of program development and implementation.