Environmental Science

Our professionals have extensive experience with detailed environmental assessments involving multi-disciplinary teams with specialties in fisheries, hydrology, soils, geology, vegetation, wildlife, and reclamation. We can assist clients in avoiding many adverse environmental impacts resulting from proposed development, and are experienced in the design of mitigation procedures to minimize impacts that cannot be avoided.

At Madrone, we have a sophisticated understanding of federal and provincial legislations regarding the environment and cultural heritage and the practical aspects of how they are applied. We can provide reviews of all pertinent laws, regulations and policies, and from impact scoping we can determine the type, magnitude, and significance of environmental impacts.

We have experience with the preparation of Environmental Management Plans (EMP) and focus on clear presentation when documenting the results of our assessments that is both thorough and accessible, while meeting regulatory guidelines and standards. We know how to use the results of our analyses to assist our clients in negotiations with regulators and other stakeholders.

Madrone has assisted in the development of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for:

• The layout of infrastructure, transportation, power line corridors, and tailings for mines
• Water reservoir expansions
• Highway, resource roads, and stream crossings
• Housing developments and recreational planning
• Tourism applications

In addition, we have conducted a full range of consulting services for contaminated site assessments in a wide range of projects throughout British Columbia. Our Phase 1 and Phase 2 Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) reports conform to standard reporting requirements of the Contaminated Sites Regulation, and associated protocols and guidelines established by the Ministry of Environment (MOE).