We offer a full range of consulting services in hydrology. Our hydrologists, together with our engineers and geoscientists, report on parameters such as flooding, low flows, water quality, sediment regimes, and channel stability for surface water courses. Mapping and advisory services can also focus on erosion hazards from potential sediment sources such as gullies, landslides, and debris flows.

Our professionals have the scientific knowledge and practical experience to assess the potential impacts on watersheds and streamside environments from land development and natural resource extraction, and can design feasible and cost-effective solutions for the rehabilitation of affected areas. We can provide the investigations and analyses needed for Coastal Watershed Assessments (CWAP) and Interior Watershed Assessments (IWAP), which are often required by BC regulatory agencies.

We are experienced in estimating design flows and water balances. We can quantify expected effects of development on water resources and design mitigative strategies. We have installed streamflow and water level monitoring stations and are experienced in applying regional analyses to remote regions.