At Madrone we provide professional environmental consulting services in agrology, archaeology, biology, geoscience, hydrology, and geotechnical engineering for a variety of clients including First Nations, government agencies, and residential and commercial land developers within Vancouver Island and Fraser Valley.

The following is a list of services our clients commonly request:

  • Geotechnical Hazard Assessment for development within the geohazard zone,
  • Flood Hazard Assessment for development within a floodplain,
  • Terrain Stability Assessment and Mapping for logging and resource extraction,
  • Riparian Area Regulation (RAR) Assessment for development within close proximity to a stream,
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for soil placement and construction sites,
  • Stage 1 and 2 Preliminary Site Investigations for property transaction or development permit,
  • Soil Permitting/Fill Placement Plan for soil removal and/or deposition,
  • Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Monitoring for new development,
  • Archaeological Overview/Impact Assessment,
  • GIS mapping,

We also offer services such as:

  • Wildlife habitat assessment,
  • Ecological assessment and mapping,
  • Bird survey,
  • Species at risk assessment,
  • Soil and water quality,
  • Fish habitat survey,
  • Organic waste management,
  • Soil survey, classification, mapping and management,
  • Biogas management,
  • Organics recycling,
  • Waste audit,
  • Soil fertility and soil nutrient management,
  • Soil drainage,
  • Wood waste management, and
  • Education, teaching and extension.